The Story

Soopah Powah is an action comedy story about a group of completely average young adults living in a world where everyone has super powers, that being said being completely average means that they have fantastic super powers that allow them to go toe to toe with super villains, henchmen, and even each other. The story follows Tye and Maya Albrecht, and their friends Henry Chu, James Smith, and Heidi as they meet new people and solve problems, and do that whole generic, friends become enemies and enemies become friends thing that everyone loves so much.

About the Author

Tom “Foolery” Ferko is an artist who enjoys referring to himself in the third person. He was born at the ripe young age of 0, and from that moment on he just knew he wanted to to something kinda cool and art related… Probably, Im not a %100 sure because I was a baby and don’t remember much. He also tends to forget to continue speaking in third person sometimes. He is a very sarcastic and sporadic writer and it shows pretty heavily in his work, so give him a break jeez! And after rambling for a while he has a habit of addressing the fact that hes rambling because he cant think of other things to say about his self, and he ends very abruptly.