Tye Albrecht


Tye is a 21 year old, fun loving, justice filled hero of the story. His younger sister Maya is the more mature of the two, but when the need arises Tye is the most reliable person of them all. His ability is Naked Strength allowing him to gain more power, the less clothes he wears.

Maya Albrecht


Maya is a caring 18 year old who loves her older brother more than anything, well except food… and movies, and… well a lot of things, but her brother is probably in the top 20 somewhere. Her ability is Black Hole Stomach, allowing her to eat anything and everything and not gain any weight (every girl’s dream, am I right?). It was discovered that everything she eats is actually transported to another dimension and can be regurgitated.

Henry Chu


Henry is the realist of the group, and by realist I mean sarcastic, he does have a bit of a sidekick complex and wants to be the main character one day. The same age as Tye, they’ve been best friends since a very young age, and Henry would do anything for his friends. His ability is Doppelganger, allowing him to make multiple copies of himself, but any damage his clones take is transferred back to him once the clone disappears.

James Smith


James is a 24 year old runaway who recently quit a mob known as the Steel Syndicate. He cares very much for his adoptive younger sister Heidi, and is the reason he left the syndicate. His ability is Bone Bullets, allowing him to use his bones as artillery, with explosive power equal to the mass of the bone fired. Luckily with Heidi around he doesn’t have to worry too much about the consequences of his ability…?



Heidi is the 14 year old, quick thinking, adopted younger sister of James. She has some minor abandonment issues due to her father selling her to the Steel Syndicate because of her ability Healing Memory. This ability allows her to restore any person to a previous point in her memory. An incredibly powerful ability that is coveted by many evil syndicates. After moving in with Tye and Maya, she took a liking to Maya and looks up to her like a sister.


Chain Steel


A man who gets things done. The leader of the Steel Syndicate, a powerful organized crime ring that is looking to spread its influence across the country and will let nothing stand in the way of its conquest of power. With so much money and power, he controls much of the government, but the only thing standing in his way is another powerful business owner with whom he doesn’t quite see eye to eye. His Infinity Skill allows him to replicate any ability used on him, making him one of the most powerful people in the world.

Mikail Solov


A 25 year old defector from the Steel Syndicate, he tries to be hard but just can’t seem to shake the fact that he has a conscience, which is the reason he left the Steel Syndicate. However his ability, 4th Wall Break, is a much coveted ability among thieves. It allows him to step outside of reality into his own “Outer Reality” and move freely between the 2 realities (he can leave the comic panels). This ability was the key to him becoming a high ranking member of the syndicate, and its also the reason he can’t be left alone by them.




Mr. Steel’s right hand woman, she is strong fast and ruthless. She respects strength, and only likes strong men and women, any sign of weakness and her respect is lost. Her Sonic Hearing allows her to hear any specific word or phrase no matter where it’s located.


That one bad guy


The main rival to Tye, at this point he’s not important enough to have a name, but his ability, Nullifying blood, allows him to nullify any persons ability by injecting his blood into their body. Man I hope he never realizes that he could bring the world to his knees by just donating blood. This guy is kind of an idiot… but what could be worse than an evil idiot.



The right hand to that one bad guy, she has the ability to make nightmares a reality. She is a beautiful young woman with a bit of a schizophrenic streak (so basically a regular woman, OH SNAP I WENT THERE!)



That one bad guy’s butler/ bodyguard, his ability is Furniture Insanity, meaning he grows more insane, the more furniture he is around. Does that mean he’s normal if there is no furniture around?…

Madam Toxia


An older woman who would prefer you not know her age. She is a very savvy business owner, and as far as anyone knows she runs a completely legal operation, her power and authority is only matched by the Steel Syndicate’s boss Chain Steel. Her ability is Silver Tongue which allows her to use her voice to control other people.